East Ashengate's Stitch completed

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East Ashengate's Stitch completed

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I was a little late and missed the plow, but Ommina led us through Stitch's Ambush and Stitch himself last night on our first raid there. Stitch did take a second try but even on the first try we got all the spiders down and Stitch to 38% roughly.

We all got the flag for completing the east side (1/2 of the required to raid North Ashengate) and will likely be farming this around Aug 1/2nd when lockouts are done.

Two pleasant surprises were the size of the faction hits for completing an event, and the fact that the augmentation event had a faction hit at all. I was expecting only Stitch to have it and for it to be fairly small to moderate.

This is taken facing into Stitch's room overtop of his chest.
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